How I Used Surveys to Earn Enough Money to Outfit My Garden

swagbucks flowers

Some flowers from my garden. Alive thanks to my handy Swagbucks addiction that gets me extra money and gift cards!

As a full time housewife, there are things that I do everyday at home. This includes waking up early to prepare food for my family, doing the laundry, the dishes, acting as a referee, a doctor, and many more. However, if I only focus on doing all these routine things, I know I’ll get bored. Because of that, I recently tried my own gardening. Around three years ago, I left the gardening to a contractor. However, since my boys are all grown up now and I have extra time doing nothing, I have decided to tend my own garden at home.

Actually, my husband volunteered to finance my so-called project. However, for many years, I have been receiving money from him in order to buy things that I need. This time, however, as suggested by a close friend of mine, I decided on trying something new. I am currently answering paid surveys online via Everytime I receive money out of the surveys, it is my goal to buy myself a tool for my garden. Little did I know that eventually, my passion for gardening will be complimented by the paid surveys that I complete online.

How did it happen? First, it all started when my friend registered with I started noticing that she began earning money on her own and so I also became interested with it. My only goal then was to outfit my garden, and to get myself the necessary tools that I can use for my gardening project. At first, I was only doing surveys which are for $1 or $2, and never really cared much about it because it is just like I am answering a survey from a store where I purchased things from.

However, things changed when I read a how-to guide on Swagbucks and started receiving surveys that also offered various gift cards that I can use for purchasing things. There were gift cards for household items, and many other things; but more to that, what interested me the most was when I started receiving gift cards that allowed me to buy nice things for my garden. With that, I no longer just have to wait for my payout before I can buy the things I want for my garden. With the gift cards, I can get any item. I don’t know what’s with gift cards but they are very interesting to me.

If you visit my house now, you will undoubtedly notice my garden. In fact, many of my friends do, and they complement me for it. I have started outfitting the one in my front yard, and am currently working on the one at the side and the back. I am actually planning to turn all the vacant spots in my yard as garden. With all the gift cards and certificates, and not to mention the payout that I receive from the paid surveys that I complete, I am not worried because I know that my gardening project will be completed in no time.